People Linking Arms

Link arms for NZs children & hashtag your photos

March 3rd, 2019

New Zealand Children's Day

Link arms with whānau, neighbours, your sports club, your workplace or church… or all of the above together to show your commitment to the care and value of children around you. Capture this moment by video or photo and post to social media using the hashtag #LinkArmsNZ. Alternatively, you can email us at your visuals and we can share directly from our social media.

New Zealand has one of the worst rates of child harm in the developed world. We believe that most New Zealanders really do care and don't want to see children being hurt and living in fear. By linking arms all across New Zealand we are making a collective stand against child abuse. This is a stand to value the children in our communities and is a statement of intent. If we hear or see something we will act. We want to see proactive grass roots approaches supported throughout New Zealand that bring hope and the possibility of a better future for our children. We want to create a hope-filled and open conversation around the issue of child abuse in New Zealand because we truly believe that a large part of the solution lies in activating our communities.

People Linking Arms

Link Arms Aotearoa is an interactive and visual expression of intent from the people of Aotearoa to value our children. "Take care of our children. Take care of what they hear, take care of what they see, take care of what they feel. For how the children grow, so will the shape of Aotearoa" (Dame Whina Cooper).

Big Visions, Messy Truths

Link Arms Aotearoa is a stand that does not ignore our messy truths. It listens and acknowledges the groans from our past, groans that continue to effect us today. However, this is not an angry ritual –it is one that hopes and promotes a way to move towards a big vision for Aotearoa. Transforming the discussion about child abuse from a hopeless one, to one that leaves us feeling hopeful.

Stop the Bus Charitable Trust (a play on ‘stop the abuse’) was born from a belief that small kindnesses can be as powerful as big systems. We believe that positive community led initiatives are vital if children in New Zealand are to be valued and live lives free of violence and fear. We know that a lot of people really do care about the wellbeing of our children, but that many of those people are unsure of how they can personally make a difference. We want to raise awareness about child abuse and provide discussion, ideas and inspiration for how people can tangibly help children in their own communities.

The Lane family recently travelled around New Zealand for a year, living on a big yellow bus and filming a documentary. Click "Stop The Bus" below to find out more.

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